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Starting in July 2003, Morris Productions and Communications assumed the difficult task of developing a national television program named “Contravia” (going against the right of way). The program is dedicated to promoting and defending Human Rights in Colombia.

The show has received the recognition of the Colombian Press and in April 2004 was awarded the “Premio India Catalina” by the Corporation of the Film Festival of Cartagena, Colombia. This prize is awarded to the best journalism report in the country. That same year, in November, after issuing sixty reports, the program was also awarded the “Simon Bolivar National Prize” for the best report in television, in this case, the Jaime Garzon report.

The report investigated the murder of Jaime Garzon, a well known political activist who often criticized Colombian politics as corrupt and believed peace could only be achieved if the government committed to a dialogue with armed groups in the country. It was this position that made him a target for ultra right armed groups who threatened and eventually killed Mr. Garzon.

The report included interviews of the lawyers involved in the case and Garzon’s family members and eventually concluded that the investigation of the murder was being misguided and manipulated by political forces who did not want the truth to be known. The report criticized the nation’s Attorney General for not doing enough to bring Garzon’s killers to justice. This position was shared by the Judge who heard the case and agreed with many of the findings reported by the program Contravia.


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